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At Manifest with Ashley, our mission is to help millions worldwide remove their money blocks, heal their relationship with money, and start living a more abundant and fulfilling life.

Are you ready to create a future you love?

My signature coaching methods are designed to reframe your thoughts around money, health, relationships, self-love and success.

With my coaching you will...

  • Overcome money blockages and manifest abundance

    Eliminate financial barriers and attract prosperity

  • Learn powerful techniques to scale your business to six and seven figures

    Implement strategies for substantial business growth

  • Go from overwhelmed & tired to energized and inspired

    Rejuvenate your mindset and motivation



I’m Ashley, a Mindset and Intuitive Business Coach, Manifestation expert, QHHT practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and writer. Growing up with humble beginnings, I discovered the law of attraction in 2006, which led me to a journey of personal transformation and growth. After successfully running Polished Nail Salon, I dedicated myself to teaching others how to manifest their dreams. My mission is to guide others to their highest potential and create a life they love, especially by transforming their money mindset.


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I provide one-on-one coaching with clients and guide them toward aligned action.

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Abundance Activation

Removing money blocks is the first step to manifesting an abundant future. 

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Transformation Coaching

Get started transforming your thoughts, limiting beliefs, and mastering emotions.


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What is holding you back from changing your life?

It’s time to uncover the shadows you’ve repressed and hidden, so we can start your journey to self-discovery, finding your inner purpose, and manifesting abundance. My journals help clients manifest their best life including:

Are you experiencing any of these?


Do you feel you’re here to do something big and you’re ready to go to the next level? Are you struggling to get your business off the ground?


Are you ready to step into your purpose and align with who you know you’re meant to be? Do you have a big vision but don’t know how to translate it into reality?


Do you have money blocks that you’re ready to overcome? Experiencing stress and burnout?

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